About Talage

Powering the Digital Distribution of Commercial P&C Insurance

Talage is digital distribution for small business P&C insurance.  At Talage we have built a platform that takes advantage of our carrier API integrations and our adaptive and customizable application so that all players in the distribution channel win - a rare true win, win, win! Honestly! Although we admit, we couldn’t be more cliche if we tried.

Winning for Insurance Companies!

By partnering with Talage an insurance company can provide its agents with the tools they need to instantly become digital insurance agencies. Small business is great business, but its tough for your agents to sell profitably. We can fix that. When you deliver the Talage platform to your agents, you can improve the economics and take what's great about digital distribution, but multiple that with the trusted staying power of your valued agents.

Winning for Agents!

At Talage we believe that InsurTech will help existing agents improve their business - not replace them. That being said, we do not believe that all "Get a Quote" buttons are created equally. In fact, if your "Get a Quote" button just lets people fill out a form, we should talk. Since Talage's Wheelhouse platform is connected directly via API to top-rated insurance carriers, your customers get real quotes instantly that they can often buy instantly online. Using our Wheelhouse platform agents can sell multiple coverages from multiple top rated carriers directly to small businesses without lifting a finger.  This is the tool that allows all agencies to become a digiTAL AGEncy.

Winning for Small Businesses!

Remember shopping before online retail? Yeah, neither do we... It’s about time a small business is able to buy commercial insurance in minutes when it is convenient for you, not just when it is convenient for your agent. Talk to your local agent today and tell them about Talage.

Home Means Nevada

We’re headquartered in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains, in the Biggest Little City in the World- Reno, Nevada. We’re a short drive from Lake Tahoe and the Bay Area, with access to amazing arts, technology, and outdoor recreation. Since our inception, it was important to us that we created a company with a distinctly Nevadan culture, while using the lessons and insights we brought back from the San Francisco Bay Area. Talage team members participate at the board level of numerous charitable organizations across the region, and are active in countless ways in northern Nevada.

What can we say? We love this place!

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